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Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts


RESPONDING TO KATRINA: Supporting Groups in the Gulf

Katrina Justice Fund

Through the Fund for Southern Communities, the FUNDING EXCHANGE NETWORK provided support to people and organizations of the Gulf region that survived Hurricane Katrina. The Katrina Justice Fund provided immediate short-term assistance for Katrina survivors and plans to provide broader, long-term strategic support through regional rebuilding of progressive social justice organizations, organizing for displaced survivors, and a national campaign to assess, analyze and actively confront the issues of race and class highlighted by this tragedy .

The Funding Exchange Network Awarded Grants to the Following Groups :  

Back Bay Mission , MS $ 5,000

To advocate for people in need, fighting for fair and equitable recovery in the form of rental and utility help, transportation, clothing, food, resource referral, tents and more.

Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities, MS $ 5,000

To establish a toll free number which will provide critical information, temporary support and placements with organizations that assist survivors with disabilities.

Critical Resistance, LA $10,000

To expand their efforts to address and reverse the use of the prison industrial complex (PIC) as a response to Hurricane Katrina and specifically to ensure the success of the Justice for Prisoners of Katrina Weekend.

Gulf Coast Latin American Association, MS $ 5,000

To support the Housing Injustice Project which will assist tenants having problems with there landlords; help tenants answer eviction paperwork; help tenants write letters to their landlords; provide referrals and resource information; conduct community workshops; distribute flyers and brochures; provide numbers and mailing addresses to agencies that render assistance; and offer translating and interpretation services to the Gulf Coast's growing Latin American community.

Interfaith Workers Justice, IL $ 5,000

To support the New Orleans Summer Workers' Rights Internship Program, which sent six African American and bi-lingual students to New Orleans to assist with worker outreach, to meet with workers and learn about their problems in the workplace, help them file wage and discrimination claims with government agencies and refer them to social services in the area that can help with their needs.

Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance , MS $10,000

To support immigrants in Mississippi exercise their rights through organizing, advocacy and public education.

Mississippi River Basin Alliance , MS $ 5,000

For community organizing in the neighborhoods affected by the collapse of the Industrial Canal Levee.

Moving Forward Gulf Coast , LA $10,000

To create a series of media learning tools, The Recover and Restore Series, that will empower Gulf Coast residents with information relating to several key issues in rebuilding the Gulf Coast by documenting locally-identified issues and their solutions.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, V A $ 1,000

To established a missing persons hotline to assist effected families in Alabama , Louisiana and Mississippi and helped reunite over 5,000 children with their families.

New Orleans Women's Health and Justice Initiative, LA $10,000

To increase health care access for low income women and girls of color who were most affected by the hurricane and who are returning home to a city severely and dangerously lacking in healthcare options.

Peoples Organizing Committee, LA $10,000

To initiate a Job Training Program that will enable survivors themselves to rebuild their homes, neighborhoods, and community for the residents from the 9 th Ward and to ensure that survivors play a central role in the rebuilding of their neighborhoods.

REJOICE, Inc., LA $10,000

To provide disaster assistance – house gutting, debris removal and cleaning supplies – for community members of Jefferson , Orleans and the River Parishes of Louisiana.

Saving Our Selves, GA $10,000

To support the Gulf Coast Organizing Project, an initiative that brings Katrina survivors and community organizers together to address critical needs facing their communities due to storms by finding alternative solutions for people to save themselves.

Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services, TX $ 4,580

To implement the collaborative project, Healing Chalmette, a media advocacy campaign and conduct community-wide interviews, a video documentary and radio programming of human interest features for use in environmental advocacy campaign.

Tri-Coastal Community Outreach in South Alabama , AL $10,000

To connect at least 300 families to immediate needs assistance and long-term case management services, pay for gas and truck services to pick up and deliver supplies, set up a computerized system to track everything, purchase office supplies and pay for office space and janitorial services as well as postage, publication and volunteer training and development.



The Fund for Southern Communities and the entire Funding Exchange Network, were deeply saddened by the enormous human suffering and loss as a result of Hurricane Katrina. We were also outraged at the delayed response from our government and join with community organizations around the nation who are calling for an independent investigation of, for, and by the people.

We received many emails and calls from people wanting to know how they can help those affected by Hurricane Katrina. In keeping with our commitment to social justice, we established a special fund to support organizations which are working on the grassroots level to assist those displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Funds raised will go to organizations that are working towards long-term, equitable solutions for the low-income and minority communities affected by the disaster.

100% of the contributions to the Hurricane Katrina Fund will provide direct assistance while also investing in the civil rights and economic empowerment of the people who are most in need. All donations are tax-deductible.

To make a contribution to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, make checks payable to “Fund for Southern Communities”, and put “Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund” in the memo line of the check. Mail contributions to:

The Fund for Southern Communities

Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund

315 W. Ponce de Leon Ave Suite 1061

Decatur GA 30030

404-371-8404 - info@fundforsouth.org


Other organizations working on hurricane relief efforts are listed below


Acadiana Public School Endowment




AIDS Alliance


Area & community foundations


Baton Rouge Area Foundation


BlackAmerica Web


Camp Casey


Charity Hospital


Critical Resistance


Coalition for Citizens with Disabilities


Federation of Southern Land Cooperatives


Food Not Bombs


Get Your Act On!


Greater New Orleans Foundation


hurricane katrina survivors


Infoshop.org & Mayday DC




Louisiana Environmental Network


Louisiana Interchurch Conference


Louisiana Welfare Rights Organization






National Network of Abortion Funds


National Youth Advocacy Coaition/ Center for Lesbian Rights


New Orleans Network


NOAH: a new houston/nola musicians support project


Operation USA


Pastors for Peace


Plenty International




Rhizome Collective


Shrine of the Black Madonna


Southern Partners Fund


Team Rescue One


Tides Foundation


The Justice Center, New Orleans Not-For-Profit, Indigent Defenders


The League of Pissed Off Voters


The New Orleans Fund


The Peoples' Institute


The Sparkplug Foundation









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